photo by Amanda Rowan

Acting is essentially a communicative art.  What matters most is that it reaches the hearts of its audience.  Hence, I cannot truly describe my own acting. About my artistry and presence, I will say this:


I apply the technical skills and craft I trained in for many years, and then I let myself live in the mystery, trusting that the completeness of my commitment to text and embodiment, to soul and craft, allow the voices of the characters I bring into the world, to soar.


Filmography: See my page on the imdb.


My work as a director focuses on getting intimately truthful performances from my actors, within large contexts rich in concept and simple design.


Credits include: Lorraine at Alter Theater’s Smorgasbord of Shorts; Marin Theatre Company’s conservatory productions of Chateau La Roach, Twelfth Night and The School for Scandal; and at Tam High: T-Jean Blues, Dead Man Walking (co-directed with John Warren), Living Out, and The Miracle.