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All the work I do, is about voice…each person’s voice, individual and authentic. As an editor, I apply my love of the English language and respect for rules of punctuation and grammar, but only so far as those things support the human voice in its printed form – whether in giving necessary, non-fiction information, or in purest storytelling.



One of my wonderful editing clients has won the prestigious Nautilus Book Award, for the book we worked on together!

Here’s what Mary says about our work together:

“Entrusting an editor with your manuscript is a momentous decision. Thank goodness, I made the right one. Julia McNeal is a virtuoso when it comes to voice. She understands the unique rhythms, syntax, and flow of a particular writer, and then works to bring those qualities out with greatest clarity and effect. During the editing process, I felt held and seen in the most beautiful ways. I can’t recommend her sensitive and deft editing skills highly enough. 

––Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth’s Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness (Nautilus Award Winner, 2015)

If you feel your book is ready for an editor and you want to make sure your voice is heard as you intend it to be, drop me a line at:  julia@juliamcnealarts.com



“In the performance of a dancer and in choreography,

I am a good editor.

In the ability to clarify and improve writing, Julia McNeal is a genius.

Jacques d’Amboise,

dancer, choreographer, Founder of the National Dance Institute,

and author of the upcoming mystery, Pas de Death.


“If you are a serious writer wanting to complete a work of writing then you must work with Julia mcNeal and here’s why:

Julia combines her expertise of the English language, acting, writing, playwriting, dance and teaching with a deep intuition. Her passionate guidance comes straight from the heart as big, empathic and warm as the sky is endless.

She was able to help me cut at least 100 pages of writing while explaining why this would lighten the story and burst open the characters.

She gleaned the depth of the story, understood the motives of my characters, and encouraged me to delve into areas I never knew I could.

She must have read and reread my manuscript 4-5 times, never sickening of the material; continuously praising the strengths of my writing, while cutting out more pages and making one remarkable suggestion after another. She was there to answer many questions, and to help me through those times I was stuck.

In truth, I almost didn’t want to finish my novel, because I didn’t want to end my work with her. However, the novel is finished, and Julia?

Well, she will be the editor for my next piece of writing!”


Molly Salans LICSW

Author of A Break in the Fog

And previously published, Storytelling With Children in Crisis



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