Media Coach

photo by Amanda Rowan

I believe that people showing up authentically – in their own lives, and in the media – actually heals the world. When I look at a photograph or see a video that captures a truly real, and perhaps otherwise unnoticed moment, my own being is released and made more alive in some way. It’s exactly like reading a good book. When an author’s voice lays bare a truth, it gives us all permission to be more fully here.


So, that’s the value I place on this approach to the necessary ‘grind’ of creating visual marketing materials that are effective. This work will help you be present as the artist you are, so your voice continues to be heard as you intended it, in the on-camera format.


Here’s the scoop:


I’ve been an actor for over 25 years, and know what it feels like to freeze up when a camera is rolling. I’ve developed tools and techniques that make it possible to show up authentically, regardless of what is going on technically around me.


I work a little unconventionally – giving you ways to connect internally with what is truly an authentic, easeful place for you – so you can be there while a camera is rolling or clicking away. I also offer some simple, external ways to show up for a shoot, moment to moment. These can help you to reconnect during an on-camera session (or during a live event) while there are pauses to deal with technical difficulties; or if nervousness/discomfort returns; or if fatigue pulls you into a less present state.


We can do this work before the shoot, or on the day. Best case is to work twice – at least one time before the shoot/event date.