photo by Lori Fuller

I teach acting to both adults and teens, as well my own technique for Playing Multiple Characters, which is especially for solo performers, but also for anyone needing to delve into more than one character in a given show/creative endeavor.


Regular acting classes have a particular focus on Meisner technique as a way in to authenticity in performance. Classes are structured in thirds, starting with a series of warm-ups that include physical, vocal, and “soul” openers, followed by Meisner and Viewpoints-based exercises, then text work on monologues, in the last part of class.


Students are given a toolbox of exercises and techniques, as well as a way of approaching text, that they can take into any onstage or on-camera situation and show up fully – whether playing a ‘character,’ or someone very much like themselves.


I am a member of the Guest Artist faculty at Tamalpais High School’s prestigious CTE theatre program.  I also do private coaching for adults and teens.


Stay tuned for info on my next workshop for solo performers on Playing Multiple Characters.


Check out the Classes page, above, for more details.


“Teaching is an art in and of itself and while many are wonderful at executing their own craft they do not possess the secret sauce of effectively communicating and drawing those skills out of others. Julia has both and that brings not only the richness and depth of her own embodiment and experience but also practicality and a door into execution which is accessible. She takes you step by step over the bridge into internalizing and mastering a new grip on performance skills regardless if you be a newbie or a seasoned veteran.


I guarantee you once you get Julia involved in your project you will get 500% unqualified support in every way. Not only will you get tangible skills and incredible growth as a performer but you will have someone you can count on without reservation to be in your corner.


Julia is deeply loved and respected by the larger Bay Area theater and solo performance community.”


-Shelley Campbell, writer, storyteller, solo performer, SF Bay Area


“Julia is my go-to acting coach for my one-man shows.  Her direction is intelligent and sensitive, and yet accessible and free of unnecessary complications.  She is particularly brilliant at helping a performer play multiple characters (an essential skill for most one-person shows).   Rehearsals are always fun as she keeps things lively through effective physical warm ups, abundant humor, and an incredibly supportive enthusiasm for the work.  And more than anything, she exudes an unwavering commitment to art as a path through life which can’t help but inspire those who work with her.  She has certainly done that for me!”
Mark Kenward,  Writer, Performer, Director.  Current show:  Nantucket.  


“My work with Julia McNeal was pivotal in discovering a visceral connection to the characters in my solo show. Gently guided using her specific technique, the internal world of these characters opened up which allowed me to develop with the journey of their souls. It improved my acting but my work with Julia also informed the development of new dialogue and deepened my connection to the larger work.  As a director, I work with clients who work with Julia as an acting coach, as well as providing additional direction and I’m always incredibly exited by their work with her.  She is an amazing asset to the solo performance community.”

– Rebecca Fisher, Performer, Director, Producer, Tell It On Tuesday, at The Marsh Berkeley.  Current solo show:  Memphis on My Mind